The reasons for moving to Tampa, Florida are seemingly endless. Fantastic weather and sandy beaches, combined with low taxes and reliable travel options, are just a few of the reasons why people relocate here.

Therefore, it’s understandable that many people want to know where the best Tampa’s neighborhoods are for new residents. 

With this in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best suburbs for you to choose from in Tampa. This considers their price, amenities, and accessibility. 

Before jumping into our recommendations, let’s have a look at what living in Tampa Bay is like.

How is Living in Tampa?

Living in Tampa is a wonderful experience for both families and single workers. 

Home to a stunning coastline and irresistible skyline, Tampa residents typically maintain an excellent quality of life. If you’re looking for work, Tampa has a thriving job market that’s growing faster than the national average. Moreover, there are good opportunities within healthcare, finance, and B2B technology.

If you’re worried about things to do in Tampa, don’t be. The city prides itself on having fun activities available all year round to its residents. These range from festivals, natural trails, and watersports. 

On top of this, Tampa has no state income tax. That’s right, none whatsoever. There’s a 2% property tax, but Tampa greatly encourages residents to accrue and invest their wealth back into the local economy. 

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Parkland Estates

Sat adjacent to the world famous Palma Ceia Golf & Country Club, Parkland Estates is the perfect option for golf enthusiasts and business commuters.  

Parkland Estates is located on the southern edge of Tampa and has a population of approximately 2,600 residents. Additionally, it’s right next to the Selmon ExpressWay, which leads right into Tampa’s city center and the University of Tampa. 

In terms of real estate, the median price of property in the Parkland Estates area is around $640,000, a 2.1% increase from the previous year. House prices are expected to rise a further 3.6% in the next 12 months. Therefore, you can expect to make good returns on your investment.

If you’ve got kids, Terrace Community Middle School has an excellent reputation for both academic performance and teaching quality. It currently ranks as the 23rd best school in the entire state of Florida.  

Bayshore Beautiful

Bayshore Beautiful might be on the city limits of Tampa, although, as the name suggests, its stunning views of Tampa Bay make it an attractive proposition for families and young movers alike.

Bayshore Beautiful has a population of over 6,500 people – almost three times that of Parkland Estates – and a median income of $92,000 a year. 

House prices have gone up considerably in this area over the past year to just below $670,000. This is expected to increase by a further 4.6% within the next year. Over the past 6 years, house prices have consistently risen by around 3-5% year-on-year.

Bayshore Beautiful has the same school district as Parkland Estates and there are a wide range of private and public schools to choose from. 

Belmar Gardens

Situated on the southwest side of Tampa, Belmar Gardens is an affordable and popular choice for first-time homeowners. 

There’s around 3300 residents in Belmar Gardens and 82% of them are homeowners. The median house price is around the $580,000 mark, which makes it considerably cheaper than both Bayshore Beautiful and Parkland Estates.

That being said, house prices increased in Belmar Gardens by a whopping 10% last year. This trend is set to continue with a forecasted 6% increase expected to happen in the next year. As a result, if you want to buy property in Belmar Gardens, it’s best to move sooner rather than later!

Belmar Gardens has some good school choices. Over 62% of students from its school district complete a Bachelor’s degree at college. If you’ve got younger children, Mabry Elementary School has particularly eye-catching reviews from parents, with a good student-to-teacher ratio and academic results.

Sunset Park

Directly north of Belmar Gardens is Sunset Park. This neighborhood is known for having stunning mansions and sparse urban areas. 

It’s home to roughly 3,600 people and the median household income is $165,000 a year. As such, it’s unsurprising that house prices are high. In fact, the median price of Sunset Park property is almost $850,000. This means that it’s all but exclusive to the highest earners in Tampa. However, if you have the money available to finance a move to Sunset Park, your home would be forecasted to appreciate in value by around $40,000 in the next year.

Sunset Park has some fantastic schooling options for students preparing for college. Calvary Christian High School, for instance, ranks extremely high for student academic performance, rigor of college preparation, and after-school clubs and activities. 

Culbreath Isles

Culbreath Isles is on the very west of Tampa’s city limits. North of both Sunset Park and Belmar Gardens, Culbreath Isles has brilliant connections for people commuting over water to Clearwater. It is an area that’s known for having some of the most luxurious homes overlooking the glorious Culbreath Bayou.

In terms of property, Culbreath’s median property price is in excess of $1,600,000. While this is the most expensive neighborhood listed here, the value of these homes has consistently risen for the past 5 years. It remains one of Tampa’s most sought-after neighborhoods. 

Culbreath Isles’ schools are within the same school district as Sunset Parks. As a result, the public and private schools are of the highest caliber.

Harbour Island

Home to some 3,200 people, Harbour Island is tucked away between the Seddon and Sparkman Channels. Harbour Island has good access to the city and is the closest neighborhood to Tampa’s center and downtown areas. All in all, Harbour Island is the perfect selection for people who work in Tampa’s city center. 

Harbour Island property prices are more than reasonable for middle-income families. The median house price sits at $425,000. However, this price has been predicted to increase by just under $20,000 over the next 12 months.

Schools in Harbour Island see almost 70% of its students graduate from college with a Bachelor’s degree.

Is Tampa, Florida a good place to live?

You bet. With no state income tax, consistently sunny skies, and some of the world’s best golf courses, Tampa is Florida’s own little piece of paradise. 

When choosing your ideal neighborhood, there are some crucial things to research before moving to Tampa. Access to the city center, property prices, and schools are just a few of the many important factors to consider prior to making a decision on your living arrangements.