#1) 30 x 30 Storage/Parking

Available now. Nearly 900 square feet of space that is kept climate controlled.

#2) 10 x 20 Storage/Parking

Available now. Great for extra parking spot, boat storage, Auto Storage or Mini RV

#3) 20 x 20 Storage/Parking

Available now. A little over 400 sq ft, Very clean and safe place to store extra boxes, indoor boat or auto storage etc.

#4) 5 x 5 Storage

Available now. Great space to store your holiday decorations or clean out that hallway closet.

#5) 10 x 10 Storage

Available now. Great space to clean out the office or garage

Self Storage

We provide a $50,000 Stache guarantee on transactions. We also offer up to $10,000 in property protection in the event of any theft or misuse on the part of the host.

East Brainerd,TN

East Brainerd median real estate price is $228,426, which is more expensive than 61.0% of the neighborhoods in Tennessee and 46.8% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

Boat Storage

Boat owners who love to get out on the water in East Brainerd,TN aren’t always able to store their vessels at home. Stache.com is an excellent option for anyone looking for cheap boat storage near East Brainerd,TN.

RV Storage

We also offer generous access hours so that you may come and go as you please. Whether enjoying a day on the lake or hitting the road for a trip in the RV,