Is your home filled with unnecessary books, items, furnishing, and sentimental pieces? If so, then it may be time that you invest in a good storage unit. These storage units can be the perfect way to cut down on the clutter being created in your home. This is also the ideal option for people searching for a temporary storage area for their belongings for their moving process.

The convenience that renting storage space provides you is unmatched. Most self-storage facilities provide users with a rented space on a monthly basis. Many others provide you with rent for 24-hour access. This allows customers to pick up their belongings and drop them off whenever they want.

When looking for a storage facility, there are plenty of facilities that provide you with safety amenities. These include a 24-hour video monitoring system along with an alarm system with a gated entry and a well-lit environment as well. Storage facilities that provide you with this kind of security help in keeping your belongings secure. For this reason, it’s significant that you know which local storage space to rent.

So read on below for more tips and tricks to know for getting the best storage space in your vicinity.

where can you find a storage unit?

One of the fastest ways to find a storage unit is to make use of your search engine. Simply switch on location services on your phone and then search the nearest storage unit to you. This will pop up all the storage units present in your area, and you can then choose the one that’s most suited to you. Also, before searching for a storage unit, it can be a smart move to get insurance on your valuable items such as old cameras and laptops.

Some storage units also provide you with insurance on the spot. This helps in not only giving you the peace of mind you need but also protects you against loss and damages.

Make sure that you make use of this guide properly as the tips and tricks mentioned in this article will help you in finding the best storage unit for yourself.

which one should you pick: self-storage or full service

Most customers that are looking for storage units tend to go for self-storage facilities. The reason behind this is that these units are easier to use and are also affordable. Instead of asking for a pick up from their full-service facility, customers make use of self-storage and pick their things whenever they want. If you have your own car and not a lot of items you need to store, then a self-storage unit can be perfect for you.

However, people living in urban areas where parking and driving is a task itself can opt for full-service units. Since most city dwellers tend to live without a car in high buildings with stairs and elevators, carrying their packed items can be difficult to do so. For them, full-service storage is much more convenient.

So depending on your location and convenience, both the options can be decided on.

what size of unit should I rent?

Majority of the self-storage facilities come with many different sizes available for people to rent. Many facilities have five most common sizes available, and these include 5’x5′, 10’x10′, 5’x10′ and 10’x20′. However, many facilities provide you with larger sizes as well. Most full-service storage facilities provide you with various storage unit sizes to rent but the square footage needed and the price is based on the number of boxes you need.

Also, when it comes down to self-service facilities, the size can vary differently than a full-service facility, and it is important that you check with the facility about the sizes present. You can also ask for their advice depending on the boxes you’ll be moving in.

how is the cost of the storage unit decided?

The cost of the storage unit depends entirely on your usage and amount of items you will be storing. Self-storage facilities usually provide their customers with a month-to-month basis. This provides customers with the option to store their belongings temporarily or for a long period of time. This is a very convenient option.

On the other hand, contracts provided by full-service storage usually vary from one company to the next. Some storage companies have their starting contract for three months minimum, whereas others provide you with month-to-month service.

what do you need in a storage facility?

When you are assessing different storage facilities and the amenities they offer, there are some key factors you must keep into consideration. These include:

  • Climate control option
  • Number of locks present
  • Video monitoring
  • Sizes provided
  • Pricing and the contracts offered
  • In-person surveillance
  • Online review of the facility
  • Overall security and safety of the facility
  • Lighting
  • Degree of accessibility; for example, do they provide you with 24-hour accessibility to the storage unit and do they open on Saturdays and Sundays? What about the holidays? Make sure that your facility hours match the availability before you rent it out.

do you need a climate controlled unit?

If you are storing furniture and clothes in the storage unit, then you will need a climate-controlled storage unit. Fortunately, many storage facilities provide this kind of storage unit. This climate control helps in protecting your belongings from humidity, extreme temperature, and other outside conditions. These units also help in preventing mold, mildew, and even other nasty conditions that can thrive inside a storage unit.

Mold tends to grow on cardboard, wood products, paper items, dust, ceiling tiles, paints, fabric, wallpaper, carpet, and upholstery. So if you are planning on storing such items, then you should find a proper, climate-controlled unit.

ready to move?

With the above-mentioned guide, you can find the best local storage facility present near you. However, make sure that your facility has all the amenities that you need and is near to you. This way, you can move your things in and out easily whenever you want.