When shopping for the right storage unit for yourself, you need first to understand that they come in many different sizes. They come in a small space of 5’ x 5’ to a large space of 10’ x 30’; there are many different variations in between as well.

Even though many self-storage companies come with a standard size that only increases in 5’ increments, there are plenty of facilities present that provide unique sizing. These sizes include 5’ x 7’, 5’ x 12’ and 10’ x 14’. Choosing the right size is exceptionally important because the monthly rent tends to increase based entirely on the size.

Unfortunately, many times, people rent storage units that are larger in size than needed and are packed in a very poor way. If you choose the correct size, then the unit will be packed efficiently, and you will not be throwing away money on wasted and unused space.

2. location

This goes without saying that when storage facilities are present in convenient locations, they become incredibly expensive; also when they are near high population areas. Keep in mind that any new storage facility that is in a very convenient stop like near to your local baker can cost you way more than a facility present on the rural road in the suburbs.

Moreover, storage unit rates also vary according to where it is present within the storage facility itself. Yes! This may alarm you, but the unit present on the very back on the third floor will be less expensive than the unit present on the first floor and even the beginning of the third flood. So if pricing is your main concern, then keeping both these tips in mind can save you plenty of bucks.

3. check around for insurance

Very few people are aware of the fact that storage facilities actually require you to carry out with insurance throughout your rental period. However, many times, this insurance is not disclosed off until you reach the storage facility to confirm your space and sign the paperwork. In order to look more convenient, storage facilities offer you their own insurance and coverage on the spot.

Since many people are not aware of this requirement, they end up buying it. Even though this coverage does not sound too much and is usually around $10; however, it can add up to a lot over the next couple of months. In order to save this money, you can comply with this requirement and still not empty your pockets if you spend your time in order to look for self-storage coverage before signing the rental agreement.

For people who have renter’s insurance or homeowners, their policy will already cover this insurance and provide coverage to their items present in the facility. Make sure that you check in with your individual insurance company in order to figure out if you have this insurance coverage.

4. avoid increasing rates

So you may have rented a space that measures 5’ x 10’ only for $25, now this is a very good offer and is worth getting in. But were you aware of the detail that your rental rate is not the rate that is fixed? Oh yes! Your storage facility can and usually does, increase the rate after some time. Usually, these companies send in a mail to your house that the rates are increasing; these rates increase by $4 a month, but they keep on increasing after every 4 to 5 months.

Since these increases are usually small, people tend to ignore them. But they keep adding up if you are renting the space for a long time period. Now it is very unlikely that you avoid a rental rate increase over time. However, you can limit down your exposure to this increase by choosing a storage facility that does not make use of this tactic.

You can start this by asking the manager of your desired storage facility about their rate increasing history. You can also check online reviews to see what people have to say about this facility and their experiences.

    5. look for perks and skin for features not necessary for you

    You can enjoy the most out of your storage facility by choosing a location that has all the features you need and also has money-saving perks. For example, do you need a climate-controlled facility? If the answer to this is no, then you should search for store locations that do not provide this feature. Why pay extra money for something that you will not be using?

    Other popular features that require hefty rent include well-gated access, indoors instead of being outdoors and 24-hour security. Well, moving on to the perks, the most notable perks that storage facilities provide is the free rental truck for moving in your things. This perk allows you to save at least $30 to $70, depending on how many things you have. Make sure that before handing in your money, you ask your storage facility about what their procedure is and what they offer in return.


    When looking for the right kind of storage facility, it is essential that you look for many different ones before settling for one. Make sure you do your homework, read reviews, and even talk to customers leaving the facility in order to get a more personal experience.

    Once you are done visiting different places and reviewing their documents, take some time out to sit and decide which facility is perfect for you. Make use of the above-mentioned tips and find the best storage facility for your things.