Storage units are great as they are the treasure troves of quite useful things you’d forgotten you owned. They are the places to keep your prized possessions safe in addition to giving you some extra space and allowing you to declutter storage areas in your home. However, these spaces are often forgotten about when it comes to organizing and cleaning them properly. Since they are not part of our everyday life, it can feel a bit like walking into a dilapidated home, full of dust and old air.

Mostly they are on their own, accumulating clutter and dust and therefore, rarely get the spring cleaning treatment. Moreover, you could have creepy crawlies such as bed bugs, moths, and mites, making their home in your possessions. Like with most people, if your storage place is filled to the ceiling with items, it becomes nearly impossible to find something when you need it.

Since you are storing all your belongings in the storage unit, doesn’t it seem a good idea to give it a nice thorough cleaning every once in a while?

why clean storage spaces?

If you intend to preserve your belongings in the storage unit properly, the easiest way to achieve this and make sure your stuff stays in top condition is to keep your unit clean.  It is essential to clean out your unit at least once in a year and keep it well organized.

Cleaning a storage unit might seem odd, but by doing that, you will be able to access your items whenever you need them easily. You’ll exactly know what is in there in order to keep track of your inventory. One of the major reasons people give on cleaning these spaces is dust. Keeping things clean all the time could feel like a constant battle, which ultimately makes people stop trying.

However, it is quite important to avoid a build-up of dust as much as possible since it could be poisonous. Studies have found 45 potentially toxic chemicals linked to cancer in household dust. Therefore, it’s not only an annoyance; it’s an alarming health issue as well. Additionally, letting dust build-up on your possessions can cause them severe damage.

A thorough cleaning of your storage space will make sure that your stuff stays secure and well-kept and that they will still be in relatively good condition for years to come.

cleaning storage space

A thorough cleaning of your storage space can be a labor-intensive process; however, in the end; you’ll be glad that you spent the time and effort that it takes to clean. The whole process includes the following steps.

– clear out space

One of the early steps in the process of cleaning the storage space involves clearing out the unit completely. You can start by removing everything from in there. It will really help you clean out space as thoroughly as possible, as there would be no worry about reaching those tough spots that are blocked by mattresses or bigger, heavier items like furniture.

Remove all the stuff and keep it outside while you clean and after cleaning, you can individually clean and dust the items before placing them back inside the unit.

– clean the floors

You can begin with cleaning the floors. Debris and dust can gather on the floors with time, and having a clean floor is essential to a clean storage environment. For a climate-controlled unit with carpeted floor, a vacuum cleaner can be efficient to clean the interior. In case the floors are hard-concrete, sweeping out the unit will be sufficient. Make sure to look for the spots close to the walls in the corners where debris and mildew can accumulate.

– clean the walls

The next step in the process is wiping down the walls. You can do this by employing a duster or a damp rag and a bucket of warm water in case the walls look really dirty. Remove any cobwebs that may have developed in the corners. Cleaning your storage unit will prevent destructive critters out of place.

– clean off the boxes

If you keep your boxes and items in a storage unit for a long time period, they may develop a nice layer of dust on them. In order to avoid wiping a thick layer of dust off your items every time you pull them out to use them, the best solution is to be proactive. Try using a damp cloth or cleaning wipes to clean all of your boxes and other storage stuff.

– check the seals

While dusting your boxes, check for the seals as well as the conditions of your boxes. See if the lid still fits properly and the box is taped upright. Make sure that the box is not damaged as well. In case any box is damaged or has a hole, it needs to be replaced.

– make sure everything is labeled

The next step involves the labeling of every box. Make sure that each of them is labeled and if you come across an unlabeled box, open it up, go through it, and label it. Additionally, try to make a master list of each box that is placed inside of your storage unit as well as what is inside of each box. This list will be helpful in the long run, like for insurance purposes if any damage happens to your storage unit or the contents inside of your storage place.

tips for cleaning out the storage unit

Below mentioned are some useful tips to clean out a seldom-used storage place as smoothly as possible:

1. set a deadline

Pick a date to start the cleaning project and then stick to it. It will help keep you motivated.

2. divide the job into smaller parts

Keep in mind that it might take you several visits to sift through your possessions; therefore, set aside enough time to do so.

3. avoid the landfill

Try to find a new home for everything you no longer need. Hauling the things to your nearby dumpster should be your last option as there are many thrift stores who will be ready to pick your donations.

4. don’t turn your home into a storage place

People often rent storage units to remove the clutter from their homes. Make sure not to reverse the process by placing the stuff in your garage or basement and ultimately turning it into a storage unit.

5. make sure to enlist enough help

Cleaning a storage space alone can be difficult and lonely. You can finish the task much faster if your friend or a professional organizer is there to help you.