Here at Stache, we’re constantly being asked by customers where to buy packing paper for moving and if it’s better than bubble wrap for their packing needs. 

So that’s why we decided to write this blog post, which unpacks the ins and outs of packing paper, including: 

  • What is packing paper
  • Why packing paper is better than bubble wrap
  • Where to buy packing paper
  • How much packing paper you need

Let’s kick things off with a packing paper definition. 

What is Packing Paper?

In a nutshell, packing paper protects fragile objects when being shipped to a new location.

Packing paper is much more durable and robust than ordinary printing paper, and can be wrapped around items of a variety of shapes and sizes. Additionally, it’s commonly used for filling gaps in packing containers given its high-bulk and low-density dimensions, allowing it to be moulded around the position of delicate items that are being transported.

Why Packing Paper is Better Than Bubble Wrap

Packing paper wins out over bubble wrap almost every time, especially when dealing with fragile items.

For one, packing paper takes up less space while providing the same level of protection for your delicate items. This means that if you’re wrapping objects with a large surface area like dishes or mirrors, packing paper gives your items the same level of protection requiring less material than bubble wrap. On top of this, packing paper has better qualities for shaping objects than bubble wrap, making stacking plates or positioning objects far easier.

Packing paper’s material, furthermore, is highly absorbent for protection against dampness during shipping. 

Then there’s the environmental consideration, with paper being far better than plastic when it comes to disposal and recycling options.

Whether your items have to travel or are being kept in one place, packing paper’s robust substance makes it the perfect choice for keeping your objects in mint condition and dry. 

Where to Buy Packing Paper

There are several home depot stores and supermarket outlets that sell packing paper online by home delivery.

Walmart offers packing paper in 500 sheet batches measuring 24 x 30 inches made 100% from recycled materials. If you need less paper, storage depot U-Haul offers 200 sheet batches with the same dimensions that are acid-free and recyclable.

Online marketplace Alibaba is your best bet if you need a high volume of packing paper, offering a 29% discount if you buy 2500 reams of packing paper or more. But what if you’re unsure how much packing paper you need?

How Much Packing Paper Do You Need?

There’s a good rule of thumb to follow when weighing up how much packing paper you need.

Our special formula is one ream for every cubic foot of your moving box. This way, you should have plenty of excess packing paper for all of your items to fit in your moving boxes. It’s always a good idea to plan out which objects will go into which boxes, especially if some of your items are more fragile than others.  

Top tip: If you’ve got highly delicate items, pack them separately from each other in their own moving boxes and buy extra packing paper for extra security.

Final Thoughts

When planning a big move, always plan ahead when it comes to packing, and make sure you have enough packing paper to keep all your objects safe and secure. 

There are plenty of shops online that will send packing paper right to your front door, and there are some savings to be made if you’re buying larger quantities. Know that with packing paper, you can rely on its durability and resistance to the elements like water, ensuring your goods are kept in the same condition as before they were moved.