If you’ve moved a mattress before, you’ll understand the impending sense of feeling like you’re in a scene on a comedy sketch show. 

Moving furniture is one of the most common ways to injure yourself. Slipped discs, back spasms, and pulled muscles are all on the table when doing heavy lifting around the home. Hauling a mattress is no different.

At Stache, we’ve got your back and have given you all the steps you need to move your mattress safely. 

Let’s start off with shifting a mattress solo. 

How to move a mattress by yourself 

With patience and technique, it can be done. Moving a mattress on your own is not an easy feat, but by following these steps you can make sure it’s done properly and securely. 

  1. Clear a path – Get all items that could block your mattress’ path out of the way for a spacious runway. Be sure to move any breakable items far away too.
  2. Bend your knees – Lift your mattress with a straight back and keep your knees bent to avoid injuries to your spine, neck, and joints.
  3. Get yourself a dolly – With its wheels and platform, a dolly will make your life a whole lot easier. This will allow you to easily maneuver your mattress from your bedroom or the landing. 
  4. Drag it downstairs – Take your mattress off the dolly, stand in front of the mattress, and slowly drag it downstairs. Gravity will do most of the work. You just need to keep its movement controlled and centered in order to avoid damage to objects mounted to the wall or banister. 

How to move a king size mattress 

The daddy of them all. A king size mattress is not a one man or woman job.

Partner up with a friend or family member before hauling this beast to and from your moving van.

  1. Plan where you’re moving it – It’s a good idea to know where you’re shifting your king size to. Considering it’s dimensions are over 6 feet in length and width, you’ll need to know if it’s staying on the ground floor or upstairs, or if it has to travel up and down stairs.
  2. Get another person – As I’ve said above, this is a two person job. You’re far more likely to injure yourself if you attempt this by yourself, given the mattress’ size and weight.
  3. Check your corners – If you’re moving your king size up a flight of stairs or to another room, corners are key. Make sure your angles are spot on and watch out for delicate objects that could be damaged.
  4. Take regular breaks – The best way to avoid accidents is to rest consistently. If you’re hauling your mattress particularly far, have a bottle of water and stopping points organized prior.

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How to move a mattress upstairs

Going upstairs with mattresses is the most dangerous of all these scenarios.

So pay close attention to these steps!

  1. Strip the bedding – This seems obvious, but so many people fail to strip their mattress before lifting it upstairs. Bedding can catch onto objects hanging off the banister or walls.
  2. Get your angles sorted before the beginning – Once you know the mattress’ size and the size of your staircase, you’ll know which way to hold it. One way to avoid carrying it is on top of your head, which can cause your neck to strain.
  3. Lift the mattress with another person – Like with a king size mattress, moving a mattress upstairs requires a helping hand. Trying to do so alone means you risk dropping the mattress or getting it stuck between corners.
  4. Keep your center of gravity low – A low center of gravity helps maintain your balance and lowers the risk of falling over. Wear shoes with decent grip for an operation like this, not socks.

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Put your back into it, with caution

Getting your mattress from point A to point B doesn’t need to be painful.

With a bit of careful planning and a couple of useful tools, moving your mattress can be as seamless as going to sleep. Remember: your safety comes first! If the process of moving it is too much physically, always get someone else to help out. 
Keep your back nice and straight, bend those knees, and make sure you’re not a candidate for America’s Funniest Home Videos!