How  to determine security of a storage unit

A commercial storage unit is basically a place where people save all their goods, be it important documents, furniture, machines, or anything else. So when you place most of your valuable items there, it is important to ensure that the storage unit is safe from theft and burglary. Security and safety are two major things that you need to keep in mind while storing things in a new storage unit.

Finding a secure storage unit is surprisingly difficult. It can be like finding a trustworthy landlord, because it likely that you meet the company representative only once, sign a contract, or never meet them at all.  Below are some things that you should keep in mind while dealing with the ownership company of your storage unit.

some things you need to check before booking a storage unit

1. Go to company and see what security features they are offering 

Often times, listed features can vary between what is presented online and what exists in reality.  For example, you may ask for a storage unit on the ground floor, but when you go to place things there, you find your unit on the third floor. For this reason, you should go and discuss all of the security features that are provided in detail before purchasing.

2. gated facility

Gated access is important.  Newly built storage units have electronic entry gates, which are quite easy to operate.  Check if there is a proper passcode or an entry card.  Some companies may be able to recognize the identity of the people badging in and out, and note down the timings of entrances and exits.

3. lighting

Some companies have very poor facilities. There are no lights, and people face difficulty in finding things there. Security lighting is very important no matter whether your storage unit is indoor or outdoor. Good lighting will also help spot or deter a burglar if he tries to enter the unit unauthorized.

4. See how good the on-site management is

The site management needs to be very responsible. A good staff ensures better management and is vital to win the trust of the people. Before renting a storage unit, make sure they have a manager on duty during all the business hours to keep an eye over the property.

5. alarmed units

Theft and burglary are very common in such areas where plenty of valuable items are stored. Fitting alarming bells in the commercial storage units is the most effective way to protect them from robberies. In addition, if any other person tries to open your storage unit, the alarm will ring, and the authorities will easily catch the person.


After following all the instructions above, your work is still not done. Make sure that you visit the facility at least once a month in order to take a look at your documents and book. This will further protect the books and help you figure out if an alteration in temperature is needed. Also, books that have torn pages should be well bound before storage; otherwise, they will tear up over time, and you won’t even know how to fix it.

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