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can contractors use self-storage


It is true that running a business, whether large or small, is a tough job. A self-storage is a great option for both homeowners and business owners. A construction project demands weeks and sometimes even months of commitment and hard work.

Where do these contactors, workers, plumber, and electricians store their tools and equipment? Contractors working out of their homes do not generally have locations or buildings to store their tools.  Construction contractors worry about the transportation, maintenance, and safety of equipment in addition to erecting a good-looking structure.

For a construction contractor, there is nothing more frustrating than a delay in production due to damaged or stolen tools. A self-storage unit can easily solve these problems.  Moreover, the cost of renting a storage unit is far lower than renting a storefront or a warehouse. The use of a storage unit is to store construction material as well as tools. This helps the contractors keep their overhead costs low and their budget in check. Similarly, usage of the right size of a self-storage unit is an ideal and convenient place for storing building materials.

Whether it’s a hammer or a forklift, it is important to keep equipment in good condition when not in use.

why should contractors use self-storage units?

Without any storage unit, contractors and workers have to haul tools to and from a worksite every single day. Additionally, they constantly worry and hope nothing gets damaged and by weather, vandalized, or stolen.

In addition to being viable for secure storage, a self-storage unit is handy as well.

what can you store in self-storage units?

Contractors can use a self-storage unit to store anything from tools to bags of concrete that need to stay dry. Most commonly, a self-storage unit of size 10x20 is perfect for construction contractors. It has enough space to accommodate tools, toolboxes, wood, metal rods in addition to other necessary materials required for construction work.

Moreover, in case a contractor intends to store a small pickup truck or forklift, a 10x20 storage unit should be capable of storing it along with other supplies and equipment. The only thing you must be careful is to place tools and supplies being used frequently toward the front of the unit. In this way, you won’t have to rearrange everything to grab something when you’re in a hurry.

how to protect your equipment in self-storage

The wiring and batteries in electrical tools and vehicles can be potentially damaged when subjected to extreme weather conditions. Similarly, metal tools will rust, and wood will start to rot when they are left in humid environments where moisture is allowed to develop. This will cost the construction companies repairing, replacing, or just plain losing money on unstable equipment and supplies. None of these situations is good for the contracting budget.

A climate-controlled self-storage unit is therefore quite useful in such situations. A storage unit’s interior temperature and humidity level can be moderated by climate control. It won’t rise or fall beneath a certain setting. Although this type of storage is a bit expensive than standard storage, however, the protection it provides is well worth the additional cost. Since you don’t have to replace any tools or supplies now and then, a self-storage unit will bring value to your money.

tips for contractor storage

A self-storage unit is a must for contractors and construction companies as the workers are increasingly mobile and have to travel further and further to complete their jobs. A good self-storage unit allows companies to be flexible in the contractor and construction field. Below mentioned are some tips to help the contractors most out of the self-storage unit.

– keep the tools clean

It is essential to clean your tools to prevent the buildup of rust, mold, or mildew. Cleaning and drying of your tools thoroughly will help protect their longevity.

    – save time by organizing the self-storage unit

    Owning a self-storage unit for the sake of storing your equipment can be a huge time-saver. However, it all seems pointless if you have to spend a large amount of time digging around in your storage unit to grab your tools.

    A simple way to avoid all this hassle is by storing all your frequently used tools towards the front of the storage unit. It will ultimately save you from wasting time through tools and equipment that are not used often. In case you rent a larger unit, it is important to create a narrow aisle stretching down your self-storage unit. It will help allow you to reach tools even when they are in the back of the storage unit.

    – use a climate-controlled self-storage unit

    A climate-controlled self-storage unit will provide additional value to your tool and equipment investment. Any fluctuations in temperature can cause damage to any sensitive tools and equipment. Using a climate-controlled self-storage unit will help to maintain an optimal temperature that is safe for tool storage.

    – use a climate-controlled self-storage unit 

    A climate-controlled self-storage unit will provide additional value to your tool and equipment investment. Any fluctuations in temperature can cause damage to any sensitive tools and equipment. Using a climate-controlled self-storage unit will help to maintain an optimal temperature that is safe for tool storage.

    – use plastic bins to store small items

    Store all your smaller tools in clear plastic bins. Using plastic bins can be highly convenient as they are easy to stack plus they can be transported from location to location quite easily. The clarity of plastic bins will help you see what’s inside of them.

    – consider drive-up access to save time

    Time is money. Especially when you are a contractor, wasting time is not an option. Drive-up access to your storage unit will be helpful in saving your time. In addition to being highly convenient, it’s going to save you a lot of time.

    benefits of a self-storage unit

    A self-storage unit offers many benefits to a contractors and construction company.

    – a right sized unit for your needs

    Whether you have a small collection of tools for everyday use or own larger and heavier equipment to count on. A self-storage unit offers a variety of unit size options to meet your requirements comfortably.

    For example,

    Small machines like lawnmowers can be easily stored in a 5x10 storage unit.

    Get a 10x10 storage unit in case you have a mobile wood chipper.

    – controlled access

    Unlike rental properties, a self-storage unit offers easy access to your tools whenever you please. Similarly, if you have a crew, you can place a controlled or restricted access to your tools by using a self-storage unit. You can allow all some or none of your workers to access your storage unit.

    – security

    Additional security features can protect your expensive tools, equipment, and supplies form potential thieves. Self-storage unit uses keypad access, 24 hours of video surveillance to save you from worrying about the wrong people getting near your equipment or damaging them.

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