The capital of Georgia and one of the most influential cities in the Southern United States, Atlanta is a destination like no other. Its collection of world-famous attractions, historic sites, diverse neighborhoods, award-winning restaurants and unique events make it an exciting place to visit any time of year. It has been a hub for the arts over the years, home to notable authors like Margaret Mitchell and Joel Chandler Harris, and musicians from OutKast to The Black Crowes. Today, it’s a melting pot for dozens of cultures.


Originally inhabited by the Creek Indians, the city of Columbus was settled in 1828, named for Christopher Columbus. It was an important shipping port and in 1909, became home to the U.S. Army's Camp Benning (now Fort Benning). Set along the Chattahoochee River on the border with Alabama, Columbus has become a popular spot for outdoor lovers with the largest urban whitewater course in the world and a zipline across the river. The thriving downtown has plentiful attractions, restaurants and shops.


While Augusta celebrates its colorful past, it is equally proud of its exciting present. On the banks of the Savannah River, you'll find a mix of Southern charm and city fun that blends arts and culture, shopping, and amazing food.

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