The self-storage industry is fast increasing in its extent and services. This is why people across the globe are going for it with a passion that wasn’t shown in the past. With such a sharp increase in interest for these storage spaces, there has been an even more intense competition. This means that now it is not just about getting a cheap storage place, but also about maintaining high quality. So, the question regarding the affordability and quality of storage space often comes up.

This answer to this questions is, however, very simple: cheap storage space does not always mean lower quality! To be clearer about it, you need to consider some features of the storage space to ensure that there’s no compromise on the quality.

features of a good quality but affordable storage space

If you want a nice storage space at an affordable price, make sure you never overlook these points.

inspection of the storage space

It is no secret that when people provide you a storage space, they are not always entirely true. They sometimes withhold information that may cause you to avoid getting the storage facility. It may be anything as small as a mildly unpleasant smell to a highly alarming rodent infestation or flooding. And you do not want the products that you store to get spoiled by anything, right?

After all, what is the purpose of keeping something in a storage facility when it is going to be useless for you? So, make sure that you inspect the storage space closely for any signs of damage. Inspect the storage space more thoroughly if you are offered a space at lower rates than the usual.

location of the storage facility

The most primary concern for the people going for self-storage is the location of the storage space. No matter how good the internal conditions of the units are, if they are not in a good location, the internal structure will eventually fall apart. So, make sure that the storage facility is away from any major water bodies or places which have more reports of natural disasters. If you can find a storage space at a slightly farther end than more ideal ones, then that’s perfect. This way, the quality will be acceptable, too, if not very high, and the price will be lower as well.

starting price

Now, the starting price is something that is the most important aspect of a storage space. If it is very high as compared to the quality, then it is clearly out of the equation. On the other hand, if the starting price is too low, it should also raise suspicion. So, settle for an averagely priced storage space for a moderate quality.

increase policy

One thing that people overlook when it comes to storage spaces is the increase policy. Managers have a set policy for increasing the rates for their storage spaces, which they sometimes do not mention while you are dealing with them. This causes unforeseen problems when managers ask you for an increase in rates. So, to avoid any problems later on, be sure to be open about the rate increases. This also applies to the annual increments once you have stored your products in the unit.

temperature control

The products that you keep in the storage space need a particular set of climate conditions. If the temperature is excessively high, it can spoil the things. This is, of course, something that you cannot risk. In addition to this, there can be no risks of temperatures colder than what is required. This is why you need to look for a storage space which has temperature controls. Temperature control units are not very costly, either. Thus, you will easily find storage spaces with temperature controls at moderate prices.

humidity control

It is no secret that humidity causes things to develop a stale smell and causes them to lose their natural texture. This ruins all kinds of materials from wood to iron, so you should never ignore the absence of humidity controls in a place. Similarly, the storage space should not be too dry either. It might cause things to lose their moisture and get all dried up, which should be avoided at all costs. So, do not settle for a storage space which does not have humidity control as it will result in poorer quality of things.

admin charges

While renting out their storage space, tenants mostly ask for some admin fees. This fee must be paid only once when you are sealing the deal. Thus, they do not go too high on your pocket while ensuring a safe and secure storage space for your things. Still, these admin charges should not be too high as that will make the place unaffordable for you. To make the best estimate about the affordability and the place quality, keep in mind the area of the unit and then agree to admin charges accordingly.


Accidents and mishaps are inevitable even if the managers hire very competitive guards for storage units. In such events, your stored products can undergo massive damage, rendering you at a loss. This then leaves you helpless if you haven’t got your things insured beforehand. Tenants offer insurance policies too, and they are often at a great price.

This insurance should also be calculated along with the base fare of the storage space to have a clearer picture of your expenses. This insurance is quite significant and has many long-term benefits, so choose an insurance plan which stays affordable for you.

Another important thing about insurance is that managers try harder to retain the high quality of your products. So, in order to make it big on the quality and low on the pocket, an effective insurance plan is a must.

duration of storage

You are well aware of the time you will need to store your products, so you should keep that in mind. If you want storage for a few months, then you might be able to afford a high quality storage unit. However, if you are looking for a longer duration, then go for a less priced storage facility. This is because you cannot keep on paying the extra dollars for long-term periods.