Are you running short of space at your business place, home or in the office? If yes, then you do not have to worry because the commercial storage spaces are all set to store your belongings safely.

Such storage spaces are actually built on a business purpose. Contractors rent these spaces and earn money through it. You can keep most of your valued items like business files, vehicles, machinery and furniture, and so on. And interestingly, all your things in the spaces are safe and taken care of.

But that’s not all. There are some other useful benefits to storing things in these spaces. They help prevent the hurdle of carrying heavy baggage while traveling. Also, these spaces maximize your workplace. You can keep stationery, papers, files in the storage rather than piling things up in your office and making a mess.

Another great advantage of having a storage space is that it saves your time. Most of us are in the habit of keeping things in clutter that later on, we forget where we kept them. Therefore, the documents and important things placed in the storage can be found in no time.

Apart from this, this alternative is also less risky than carrying your goods from place to place, in which there are chances of things getting misplaced or stolen.

But there are certain things which you can store, and you have to be careful while storing the rest that may cause harm. Let’s find out what are they.

things that can be stored

The most important question that arises is that can all sort of things be kept in these commercial storage spaces? So yes, most of them you can. These include glass equipment, stationary, important documents, machinery, home appliances like washing machine, microwave oven, fridge, stand fan, vacuum cleaner, and furniture, etc.

You can also store rare collections of antique pieces, or artworks that are of extreme value to you as these are the most priceless possessions for most of the people. The same goes for books; a great treasure for researchers, professors, and the students which they never want to lose. So store them properly in boxes and label them. Doing this helps you find the one you want.

Usually, DVDs, CDs, and videotapes are misplaced or thrown because there is no proper place in our homes to keep them safe. But storage units have ample space for them. The only thing you need to remember is to keep them in airtight bags to prevent from moisture.

There are some goods like photo albums or toys that occupy extra space in your home and are of no use in daily life yet hold significance in your life. Don’t worry; you don’t need to throw them. Simply keep them safe in the storage space.

what you can’t store

Storing vehicles is allowed but make sure that they are insured and registered. In case your vehicle is unregistered and uninsured, the storage facility reserves the right to check and note if the vehicle is registered. If not, then there’s probably no space for undocumented vehicles.

Similarly, there are some other items that can’t be stored. Things that attract pests such as cork boards (pests are attracted by its specific scent), scented candles, food items, animal food, birdseed, banana boxes, plastic grocery bags, and foam including pillows and bed covers are not allowed to be stored by most storage units.

Moreover, animals, whether dead or alive, are prohibited by storage units. It is illegal to store animals, especially the dead ones as they attract pests.

Just like animals, deceased human bodies are also prohibited. No matter how compassionate you are for them, it is an illegal act. Also, you can’t live in the storage area.

Most importantly, items that are flammable and combustible are not allowed to be stored because they are not only harmful to the storage area but for your own goods too. Things like propane tanks, fireworks, explosives, corrosive water, fertilizer, oil and jerry cans easily catch fire and result in an explosion; and can gut the entire storage area.

So even if you want to store motorcycles or cars that run on fuel, do not forget to empty their fuel tanks before storing.

what about electrical appliances

Coupled with fuel-efficient vehicles, things that require batteries and the use of electricity can’t be kept in storage units. It is precisely because hot temperatures may affect the quality of the battery or the battery itself can burst. Temperature controlled units can hence be a substitute for storing goods that contain batteries or work on electricity.

For electrical appliances, keep in mind that the room temperature of the storage space must be moderate or else the cold temperature would cause the batteries to die. On the contrary, hot temperature results in the rusting of commercial materials.

Any kind of stolen or borrowed item is another thing that can’t be put in a storage unit. In addition, firearms like guns and gun powder are illegal to store.

can you store pills or organic products?

Drugs and narcotics and even prescribed medicines cannot be stored. Some people find it a safer way to start the trading of drugs through these storage units. But this can really put you in great trouble. Hence, be aware!

Hazardous materials furthermore are not allowed. These include bleaching powder, cleaning products, pesticides, insecticides, crude oil, paint removers, paint, thinners, and so on. If they are not properly kept, they might leak and cause environmental pollution and disturb human health.


Thus, storage spaces are a great solution for storing your belongings safely. For things that you can store, make sure they are properly boxed, or wrapped in sheets and plastic-like furniture. While goods that can’t be stored because of temperature difference, or the fear of causing any sort of danger can be kept properly in temperature control units and packed tightly and kept safely.

These commercial storage spaces have made lives easier, and nowadays, you can easily rent a space near your home and get rid of difficulties.