Bekah was just three years old when she was diagnosed with Myeloid Leukemia. She has endured bone marrow transplants and relapses and is lucky today to be in remission.

This was not an easy start from toddler to childhood, since she had to be in isolation for three years.

Once the doctors cleared Bekah, her parents felt comfortable trusting Camp Quality Michigan for her first camp experience, since she would be one-on-one with her adult companion and have medical staff available at all times.

Marissa was Bekah’s companion at South Camp. Marissa said that with this being Bekah’s first year at camp, she thought she might be hesitant to try new things, but that was not the case. Bekah jumped right in, including offering to go first on the zipline, even when her friends hesitated.

Marissa specifically remembers Bekah always engaging other kids and inviting them into the activities, so no one felt left out. She became best camp friends with Gabby who was also in her cabin. When they see each other now, they run to each other and pick up right where they left off. They would share ghost stories and making flashlight hand animals on the ceiling of their cabin before bed.

Amy, Bekah’s mom, said that she was most thankful that Camp Quality Michigan gave Bekah the chance to be a 7-year-old and she noticed that she gained confidence while at camp. She always talks about climbing the rock wall and swimming, which she was not able to do before because of her medical equipment.

Bekah bravely got up to sing “A Million Dreams” at the camp talent show. When she lost track of the words the whole camp began to sing, getting her back on track.

The memories gifted to every child and their families by attending and experiencing these special camps is something they will never forget.

We could not do this work without the generous support of donors just like you. You make this happen. You create hope for these kids. And for that we are forever grateful. Thank you.

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