We all need somewhere to store our bikes when we’re not riding them. However, if you’re a bike enthusiast with multiple bicycles or in a family with multiple sets of two-wheelers, it can be hard to find bicycle storage solutions

When storing your bicycles, you want them to be secure, easy to access, and take up minimal space. Furthermore, we don’t all have garages or spare rooms at our disposal. This requires some out-of-the-box, creative thinking. 

With that in mind, here are 6 creative bicycle storage ideas that you may not of thought of:

1. Floor Racks

Not the most creative method of bike storage, but one of the most reliable.

Floor racks are a classic, basic bicycle storage solution. There are a lot of positives to using a floor rack:

  • Nothing to install – You can literally just throw these down on the floor – it’s super easy! 
  • Extremely easy to move around – As you don’t need to nail these down, they can be moved around if you decide you need to rejig your garage.
  • Easy to access – As they are on the ground, they’re very easy to access. This makes them one of the most kid-friendly bike storage options. 

The durability, material, and size of floor racks varies. You can get metal storage racks, commonly found at a primary school, or more industrial, steel ground storage racks, which you may find at a train station. Out of the two, light metal storage racks are a little easier to move around and smaller in size. 

Floor racks are a great option for families with children and bikes who aren’t short on storage space. 

2. Bike Gravity Stands

A bike gravity stand is not as easy to access as floor racks, but it does take up a lot less space than the latter. 

These types of stands allow for two bikes to be stacked one on top of the other. Furthermore, as they are freestanding, they can also be moved around with relative ease. 

If you have children, make sure you put their bicycles on the bottom. Otherwise, this makes accessing their bike near impossible (unless they’re freakishly tall).

3. Outdoor Protective Storage

We’re not all blessed with storage space within our own homes. However, as any bike lover will tell you, if you leave bicycles outside without cover, they will rust. 

Thankfully, there are outdoor protective storage options available. Companies like Yarddash manufacture easily erectable outdoor bike storage that can protect your bike against stormy weather. 

That being said, this kind of storage is probably best for camping. When it comes to long-term and residential storage options, there are safer storage alternatives that would be better suited. 

4. Vertical Bike Storage

Vertical bike storage is one of the most visually striking storage options in this guide. By attaching some bike hooks high up in your garage, you can attach your bike’s front tires and elevate them off the ground. 

This not only means you’ll be able to utilize some of the floor space left behind, but you may also get inspired to do this for other bike accessories, such as: bike helmets, spare inner tubes, or bike pumps.

Unlike the others listed so far, this one isn’t portable. Therefore, although it’s just a small bike hook mount, make sure it’s fitted correctly and in the right place. Otherwise, you’ll have to reinstall it, or else your bikes may start falling off the wall and become damaged. 

5. Flow Walls

Flow walls are a popular garage wall choice. The main reason being that they can be used in conjunction with many other different kinds of storage. Moreover, they’re also extremely strong. 

This is a good option if you have multiple bikes you need to store and limited space to do so. Simply fit a bike hook and you’re on your way. The only downsides of a flow wall is that it can be rather bulky to initially install and, at around $200, they are on the more expensive end when it comes to garage bike storage ideas. 

6. Rent Space in a Neighbor’s Property

A lot of people that live in apartment buildings can find their bike storage options very limited, particularly those living in older buildings. If your rental agreement prohibits you from storing a bike inside the apartment or common areas, and there’s no bike storage area, then you need to find a creative solution.

One such solution is to rent space nearby, such as in someone’s garage or yard. Here at Stache we’re a peer-to-peer storage company, matching homeowners with spare space, with people looking to store things, such as bicycles. Search available spaces with our hosts here.    

What Bike Storage Solution is Best For You?

This depends on a few different factors: the space available to you, your budget, and the number of bikes you own. 

If you and your family are keen riders, it’s worth looking to utilize one of these for your own home or garage.

However, if it’s not something you do everyday or you’re looking to move, why not look into long-term bike storage in your area? This will help you save on space and also keep your bike safe and secure.