With Christmas around the corner, getting your decorations in order is priority number one.

So before you break out the mistletoe and wine, here are some tips for storing Christmas decorations that we ho, ho, hope will come in handy! 

Let’s sled off with one of the greener Christmas storage alternatives. 

1. Use environmentally-friendly storage bags

Eco-bags that you can easily label are a Christmas storage no brainer. 

While doing something positive for the environment, eco-storage bags are tough enough to hold all of your bobbles and santa hats in one place. And eco-bags aren’t as pricey as you might think. You can pick up recyclable tote bags for as little as $10 and sets of three from $25. 

If you’re worried about storing Christmas decorations that are easily broken, eco-storage bags are malleable enough that ornaments won’t be damaged. With no sharp edges or awkward shapes, this type of Christmas decoration storage is ideal for folks looking to maximize room in confined spaces and protect the planet.

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2. Shrink wrap your tree

If you shrink wrap your christmas tree, you’ll minimize any damage and keep that fern fresh for the following year. 

A tree is typically one of the more expensive decorations, so keeping it clean and protected is paramount. Plus, there’s lots of great tutorials on how to shrink wrap your christmas tree so that it isn’t damaged. 

When you’re ready to decorate your tree next year, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut the shrink wrap off from bottom to top. You should be able fluff the branches out when the shrink wrap has been removed.

Top tip: Store the christmas tree’s base close to the tree itself. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than setting up a fern before realizing you’ve got nothing to prop it up with.

3. Hang your ornaments in a cupboard

This is the best way to put away christmas ornaments. 

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got unused space in a spare bedroom cupboard sitting idle. Why not put it to good use?

Hanging your ornaments in the cupboard keeps them out of reach from young children and potential damage from foot traffic. Also, cupboards are dry and cool, meaning that your christmas decorations won’t deteriorate or discolor. 

If you’re scratching your head over how to hang them, get a couple of coat hangers or even fashion one out of cardboard. This storage option is perfect for any precious christmas heirlooms or breakable festive objects.

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4. Use color-coded storage boxes

When it comes to storing christmas ornaments in the garage, color-coding your storage boxes is your best bet of keeping things organized. 

Storing christmas decorations in the garage should be done no other way. Make sure to pack your storage boxes in an orderly manner, putting lights next to electronic ornaments, and christmas balls with other delicate items. Also, make sure your boxes have got a lid. There’s nothing worse than when you realize you’ve crushed your favorite christmas stocking.

In terms of cost, colored storage boxes aren’t too expensive. You can get a set of 10 here for under $40

Top tip: Label as well as color your storage boxes clearly. A year’s a long time, and it’s easy to forget what each color means. 

5. Climate-controlled Christmas storage

Hear me out with this storage recommendation. 

Though a climate-controlled storage facility probably sounds like overkill, it’s actually a savvy way to keep precious decorations stowed away safely. 

For one, your festive items are kept in a dry and clean environment. This is important as these items won’t be subject to dampness or mold. Spaces like garages and attics are breeding grounds for bacteria and humidity, so there’s no guarantee your seasonal essentials will stay in one piece. If you’re not sure about this, read our article on 10 items that require climate-controlled storage

Christmas decorations, likewise, can take up a lot of space. If you go all out on decorations each year, your house likely feels as cluttered as mine does. A storage facility helps you clear out things you don’t need year round and a cleaner space can help you be more productive and improve your overall well being.

How much will all this cost? 

It’s more reasonable than you think. In fact, you can rent a climate-controlled storage facility at $75 per month.

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Wrapping Up 

So there you have it! Christmas can sometimes be a stressful time. However, we hope by reading our tips for storing your christmas decorations, it gives you one less thing to worry about. 

Put your feet up safe in the knowledge that your elaborate tree and decorations will have a safe home until next year.