Why do you need a lock on your storage unit?

Well, whereas most storage unit facilities will have CCTV, sometimes they are password-protected areas with less than efficient lighting. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that your possessions are as protected as possible, in the event of a burglary or a break-in. 

However, while some might see a pile of boxes in storage as junk, for others they could be prized possessions with immense personal value. As a result, it’s best to be as safe as possible.

Don’t worry though, if you’ve decided to pack your belongings into storage we’re on hand to give the rundown of the 5 best storage unit locks, from the cheapest to most expensive. 

1. Four-digit, Round Disc WANLIAN Padlock 

While the eternal question of whether to use a combination lock or a key lock persists, the simple answer is that key locks are always going to be more secure. This is because with the right amount of patience, a combination lock can always be cracked. 

However, if you’re looking to spend a little less on securing your storage unit, this round disc combination lock could be a good option for you. 

The four-digit combination lock offers over 10,000 different possible combinations. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the key to unlock this sturdy padlock.  

The shape is designed specifically to protect from bolt cutters. In addition, its heavy weight means the padlock is extra secure and will survive smash or saw attempts. 

Finally, its stainless steel exterior is anti-rust and anti-corrosion, meaning that the padlock is waterproof and is likely to survive all weather conditions. 

This storage padlock will set you back $15.89 on Amazon.

2. Master Lock 40DPF Stainless Steel Key Padlock 

As far as self-storage locks go, this round key padlock is another budget option that will guarantee great value for your money.

The hard steel exterior hides a discreet, complex shackle that the key enters when unlocking the padlock. It’s designed to withstand attempts to destroy or dismantle the lock itself. 

The stainless steel exterior is weather-resistant and extremely durable. It’s also sold in a two-pack, with two sets of keys to open both locks. The pack is sold for $24.54 on Amazon.

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3. Stanley Hardware Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

This rectangular-shaped padlock is a great mid-range option to invest in.

Ranked grade five by ASTM testing standards, this padlock has a removable cylinder which can be taken out in order to upgrade the security of the padlock if you ever feel like you need to. 

Inside, the padlock has a six-pin cylinder, which makes the lock much harder to pick and therefore more secure. 

Moreover, the hardened steel exterior also makes the lock virtually impossible to penetrate with any hammer or other smash device, and its patented cover protects the padlock from drills. 

This storage unit lock will cost you $61.41 on Amazon.

4. ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock

This padlock verges on almost maximum security protection territory. However, at a hefty price, it’s more of an investment than a short-term solution. 

Made from hardened alloy steel, this high-end padlock is a disk detainer lock, meaning it provides among the maximum levels of protection that self-storage locks can offer against lock picking. 

Inside, the lock’s shackle is also full release, meaning any criminals looking to remove the lock with one cut will fail as it requires two separate cuts in order to be removed.

Its black Granit coating is also anti-corrosion, meaning the padlock can be left outside year-round without risk of it becoming damaged. 

This heavy duty lock will set you back $108.98 on Amazon.

5. Ingersoll Padlock 10 Lever Extra Close 

Widely regarded as the best storage unit lock in the business, this cylindrical padlock resembles more of a solid block of metal than a lock for a storage unit. 

Its thick body shields a removable closed shackle. This means that any thief is more likely to injure themself in the process of trying to break into this padlock than actually damage the lock itself.

If you invest in this padlock for your storage unit, in short, you’re setting it up to be more of a fortified stronghold than a safe garage or locker.

And while the price of the lock — currently selling for $220 on Amazon in its used condition — is a serious investment, it’s one you’re not likely to regret, as your belongings will be safe and sound for as long as this padlock is attached to your storage unit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for more of a budget padlock option, any of the round stainless steel locks will do the job, but you will run the risk that they are slightly easier to break into. 

In short, the “best lock for storage unit prize” goes to the Ingersoll Padlock 10 Lever Extra Close.
However, if you don’t want to pay over $200 to properly secure your storage unit, you should visit Stache to look for storage hosts in your area.