Storage units are essential for keeping your belongings in check. 

At Stache, many folks ask us if it’s worth the effort or money to transfer lots of possessions over to a storage unit. Our answer has always been a big fat yes. 

So, if you’ve been considering storing all of your important items in your office or home, we’re here to show you five key benefits of self-storage units. 

1. Reduces clutter

Self-storage is ideal for freeing up useful space inside your office or your home.

By locking away objects you don’t need day-to-day, you’ll find room to organize your work or personal spaces more to your liking. Self-storage units are the ultimate decluttering hack.

Afterwards, you’ll find that you’re able to keep your professional and personal areas neater and tidier, becoming a more productive person.

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2. Keeps your belongings secure

When it comes to your most prized possessions, safety is the name of the game.

Self-storage is all about keeping your valuables out of the prying hands of criminals. In fact, self-storage units are more secure than most homes as many are under 24-hour surveillance.

As well as security guards, most self-storage facilities come equipped with surveillance cameras, gated entrances, high fencing, and exterior lighting to help spot intruders. This all adds up to make self-storage units pretty impenetrable. 

Moreover, if you want to keep your goods extremely secure, take a look at the 5 best storage unit locks available online. 

3. Maintains your objects’ condition

Preserving objects in good condition has both sentimental and financial logic. And you’d be surprised how many of your possessions deteriorate if they’re not kept in a temperature controlled environment.

Self-storage units, particularly climate controlled units, make sure your objects are in good shape when it comes to taking them out again. Storage units like these are built to make sure your objects are stowed under the right temperature and humidity, preventing moisture from building and damaging your goods. 

Storing objects in your garage, for instance, can cause rust, mold, warping, and cracking. A quality and ample self-storage unit stops damage from happening to your objects and retains their value.

Unsure what type of storage you require? Weigh up your options with Stache, we’ve got plenty of local storage choices for your consideration.

4. Convenient and easy to use 

Self-storage units are made with your needs in mind. 

Most are accessible 24 hours a day and require little-to-no paperwork to rent. When it comes to using your storage unit, you can organize and store your belongings in any way you see fit. 

There’ll be certain items you’re prohibited from storing since they’re considered dangerous, but anything goes when it comes to storing your goods otherwise. 

5. Cost effective

Everything boils down, ultimately, to money. 

If you can keep your objects stored somewhere in your house or office for free, why bother with a storage unit?

Because storage units are affordable. How much is it to rent a storage unit? 
Well, you can find storage units for only $60 a month or climate controlled ones from $75 per month. However, if you’re searching for the cheapest self-storage in your area, Stache offers the same security and ease of access at a fraction of the cost.