It’s spooky season again, and while Halloween brings horror movies from the past and mountains of candy that leave your dentist quaking in his or her boots, it also brings the peril of sifting through your unorganized costumes and decorations from the previous year.

If you’re like most of us, your halloween decorations and costumes are probably bundled together in an old cardboard box somewhere in the garage. 

At Stache, we’re looking out for you during this frightful time with some smarter ways for halloween storage in the weeks ahead. 

Creaking in at number one are storage bins.

1. Halloween Storage Bins

Halloween storage bins are awesome. Really, they’re the perfect solution to keeping all your creepy accessories in one centralized spot. 

Decorate and carefully label different plastic boxes to keep items organized and categorized for the years to come. Furthemore, by placing all of your halloween storage items in traditionally colored boxes like green, orange, or purple, you’ll always know which bins are for All Hallows’ Eve when you’re rummaging for them in the attic.

Additionally, halloween storage bins are very affordable, starting from as little as $4.50.

2. Halloween Storage Shed

A whole shed for halloween stuff? 

If you’re someone that goes all out for halloween, a dedicated shed is a necessity as well as a practicality. 

Not only do sheds already have ghoulish connotations (dark spaces, spiders, cobwebs etc.), they’re also ample for keeping all of your scary paraphernalia in one place. Decorate your shed with creepy trinkets for October 31st and then stow them neatly away.

Depending on the size of the halloween storage shed you’re going for, this is a more upmarket storage idea and likely to cost at least $800. That being said, if you’ve got a necropolis worth of halloween costumes and decorations, a spooky storage shed is the way to go. 

Fancy renting instead of buying a storage shed? Stache has many shed storage options in your area.

3. (Scary) Halloween Storage Cupboard

Ok, so this seems like cheating. But when it comes to halloween costume storage, a standalone cupboard can make all the difference when getting ready for a frightfest. 

By giving your halloween storage cupboard the mark of a monster, others won’t dare to store anything other than spooky inside. 

If you don’t have spare cupboard space in your house, you can find DIY cupboards from a range of homeware outlets and online stores. Typically speaking, a DIY cupboard costs upwards of $70.

Looking for creative ways to declutter your halloween decorations and your home? Check out our guide on how to declutter your home.

4. Climate Controlled Storage Unit 

If you’re wondering why a climate controlled storage unit would ever be necessary for halloween goodies, picture this:

It’s summertime. Temperatures are rising to 100°F. The halloween costume storage you’ve assembled in the attic is beginning to feel the heat. As a result, anything plastic or wax based begins to melt and ruins the rest of your ghoulish collection.

A climate controlled storage unit would only cost around $75 and guarantees that everything halloween remains intact for the following year. Moreover, a storage unit frees up space in your house, helping you declutter and keep communal spaces organized.

Getting the chills thinking about finding storage space? Let Stache do the heavy lifting. 

Final thoughts

Don’t freak out! Store smart this halloween.

While we’ve only given you a few pointers for halloween storage here, there’s enough to get you started on arranging your halloween items for the big evening. 

Make sure you pack all your decorations and costumes away in an orderly fashion, so that next year’s halloween is a little less daunting.