To control the temperature or not to control the temperature? This is the question on the lips of anyone considering climate controlled self-storage units.

Here at Stache, we’re often asked if the climate of a storage unit can affect the condition of household objects. While this depends on the object, you don’t want to be caught unawares. In fact, you might not have even considered some of the objects affected by temperature fluctuations.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the storage items that are affected by the temperature of storage units. In doing so, we’ll show you why climate controlled storage is necessary for preserving the condition of your most prized possessions. 

First things first, let’s define what climate controlled self-storage units actually are.

What are climate controlled self-storage units? 

Also known as temperature controlled storage units, climate controlled storage is designed to maintain a temperature and level of humidity in a facility. This temperature is meant to be constant and usually ranges between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Climate controlled units are typically located indoors. This is because it’s easier to control elements like heat and humidity inside. That being said, outdoor climate controlled facilities can also be found. 

What’s the difference between climate controlled storage and non-climate controlled storage units?

The main difference between the two is quite simple. One has the ability to control temperature and humidity while the other one doesn’t. If these two things can be controlled, the level of moisture in the air can be curbed. Climate controlled storage units contain the necessary technology to sustain this balance.

In non-climate controlled storage units, temperature and humidity levels are not maintained by technology, allowing moisture to form over time. 

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Why get a climate controlled storage unit? 

Climate controlled storage units are able to maintain a steady temperature inside spaces meaning moisture doesn’t form. 

If moisture does form, this puts your objects at risk of being damaged. Moreover, they can be susceptible to rust, water damage, mold, warping, and even cracking. 

In a nutshell, it’s your best protection against unexpected damage to valuable objects you need to keep stored away. 

What items need climate controlled storage?

Here are 10 items for which climate controlled storage is a definite necessity:

1. Furniture

Heat can cause your furniture’s upholstery to both expand and contract. In the long haul, this can lead to it becoming misshapen or breaking entirely.

2. Electronics

Moisture and damp spaces often lead to electronic items being damaged by water, sometimes to an irreparable state.

3. Artwork

Painting discoloration and cracks to frames are just two ways your art can lose its value if stored in the wrong climate conditions.

4. Leather Clothing

When stored in hot temperatures, leather will begin to grow mildew and eventually mold.

5. Photographs

Like paintings, photos can fade quickly if the climate fluctuates continuously.

6. Paperwork

Important documentation can disintegrate if kept in the wrong environment. This risks their legitimacy in the eyes of banks, government departments, or courthouses.

7. Antiques

Like furniture, antiques are very sensitive to weather changes. The older the object, the more vulnerable it is to warping, rust, or permanent damage. 

8. Wine

Too much heat leads to corks disintegrating into wine bottles, meaning the wine is over-oxidized and loses its flavor.

9. Medical Supplies

Medical supplies, like important medication, can become unsafe to use after being stored in a very hot or cold environment.

10. Musical Instruments

Whether it’s a woodwind or brass instrument, fluctuations in temperature and humidity lead to warping, rusting, and cracking. You could be Miles Davis and you still wouldn’t get a tune out of it!

How much are climate controlled storage units? 

Climate controlled storage units cost anywhere between $75 – $225 per month.

When you consider that non-climate controlled storage units cost between $60 – $180 a month, this may seem like a lot. However, for the above items, paying the small difference in price can make a lot of sense.

Do I need climate controlled storage?

Whether you need climate controlled storage options or not depends on a few factors:

  • How long you will store it for
  • The type of object it is
  • The time of year you’re storing it

That being said, with any of the items above, climate controlled storage can give you the peace of mind that your valuables will maintain their condition for the long haul. 
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